Jenne Holmes Founder and Editor: SomersworthThenandNow.Com

So you are probably wondering who I am and what this bog is about.

Jenne Holmes Founder and Editor: SomersworthThenandNow.ComLet me start by introducing myself:

Hi there, my name is Jenne Holmes and for the past 3.5 years I have been blogging/writing about Somersworth, New Hampshire.

Due to some changes in my personal circumstances I am unable to continue my old blog, so I decided to begin again. Hopefully SomersworthThenAndNow.Com will be a better version of that old blog.

Why Write/Blog About Somersworth, New Hampshire?

The simple answer is: I live here.

I feel it’s important that we spend time connecting with our local neighbors, businesses and city we liver/work and play in. So many times our focus is on what’s out there that we forget to look at what and who are outside our back doors.

There are so many interesting people and places in the 10 square miles that we call home. All of these things are worth exploring in my opinion. We also have a healthy and diverse population in Somersworth. We are often referred to as the melting plot of the Seacoast and I love exploring and writing about new things.

Why SomersworthThenAndNow you might be asking?

Here’s the simple answer:

I love history and I especially love the history of Somersworth which is rich and checkered as any old New England city/town’s history is apt to be. I also strongly believe that in order to chart a course forward, you have to look back and that is exactly what I’m doing here. Our present is always connected to our future when you think about it. So taking a trip back in time once in a while is something I find myself doing a lot.

I Need Your Help? 

SomersworthThenandNow while an internet based blog is very much in the community. Our office is now located at 63 High Street, Somersworth which is where Somecity is also located. Currently I will be in the office on Tuesday and Thursdays 11 – 5pm and would love to see you there.

SomersworthThenandNow.com is not about me though, it’s about you! The citizens who have or still do call this small city home. If you live, work or play here then I want to hear from you. My email box is always open at [email protected] and I would love to hear from you.

Have an event you are organizing? A business you need highlighting? Or anything else that you think might be of interest to those who call Somersworth home? I would love to hear from you!