Hilltop School Through The Eyes of A Student.

Hilltop School, Somersworth, Nh

Hilltop School, Somersworth, NhHilltop school is a place that for many invokes memories galore. Whether you went to school there or like myself had a student there or were a teacher. The place was more than just a building to many.

For Somersworth Career Technical Center student Caylie Beckemeyer this was also true and she decided to explore those memories for an essay she completed as part of her body of High School work.

She approached both myself and photographer Jon Washburn who had at that time recently completed a photo essay entitled: Forgotten Beauty. She wanted to use some of our photos and both of us granted here that permission. Jon Washburn recently came into the Somecity studio and gave an interview as part of a new series being produced there called: The Creators.

What follows is the video that Caylie created as part of essay.


I would love to hear your memories of this beautiful nd very special building.

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