Meet Robin Comstock Creator of Business Dreams

Robin Comstock Somersworth Economic Development Manager

Robin Comstock Somersworth Economic Development ManagerRobin Comstaock is the newest member of the Somersworth City team.

She is the Somersworth Economic Development Manager. To find out why she has that title you will have to watch the video below as I can’t give away everything.

Robin comes to the city with a ton of experience and has been with us almost a year now.

Here at SomersworthThenAndNow and Somecity we believe that she is a creator but in many ways a creator of dreams. Other people’s dreams.

Her job involves finding correct placements for new businesses within the city landscape. This is one of the reasons that we decided to interview her and talk about her dreams, aspirations and goals for her role as Somersworth’s Economic Development Manager.

You will find the interview below and it is a fascinating look at not only the job she performs for Somersworth but also at this wonderful lady herself.

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