Networking For A Cause In Somersworth

Tri City Networking Group give back to deployed troops

Tri City Networking Group give back to deployed troops

Members of the Tri City Networking Group Give to Operation Gratitude.
(Pictured Left To Right: Kevin Brodeur of PRMG, Scott Weiler of Mi-Box, Kevin Raymond of Optima Bank, Karen Mairs of Keller Williams Reality, Jennifer Halterman of Metlife, Chris Wallace of Stinson Associates, Steve of New Englnd Junk Solutions and Michael Muse of Edward Jones.

So if you are like me you love networking it’s also an important part of running any business. It’s one of the reasons you will often find me at The Falls Chamber After or Before hours events. These events give local business owners a chance to show off their businesses and often they involve other partners.

The Tri City Networking group takes the networking concept to a whole new level. Unlike many networking groups that collect dues, the Tri City Networking Group takes their dues and puts them back into the local community.

As the name suggests this is not just a Somersworth business networking group and includes other business owners from Rochester and Dover.

Tri City Networking Group Donates TurkeysPaying It Forward

Since it’s formation about a year ago the group has given back in many ways. For example they donated over $150 worth of turkeys to the Community Thanksgiving meal that is put on by Albert and Lisa Lavalley from Old Rail Pizza each Thanksgiving day.


Furrr in Gonic recieves donation from the Tri City Networking GroupThey also gave a very generous donation to the humans and cats that make up Furrr earlier this year. This is an organization that rescues and adopts cats and kittens before rehoming them. They are based in Gonic.


Recently the group could be found at Optima Bank in Dover where they not only held their meeting but also showed off their latest charitable efforts. This time they had purchased goods for the Operation Gratitude. This is a group who collect and send care packages to troops who are actively deployed.

The group had collected or purchased collectively many much needed items and things that we rarely think of. These included sanitary napkins, hand warmers and zip lock bags as per the request of the organization. I’m sure the troops that receive these will be very happy as often the things that we take for granted every day mean so much to those who no longer have them.

Always Seeking New members

At present the group consists of members from the following businesses that are located in Dover, Rochester and Somersworth. PRMG, Mi-Box, Optima Bank & Trust, KW Williams Coastal Realty, Metlife, Stinson Associates, New England Junk Solutions, Edward Jones, MJM and Mr Electric.

I look forward to seeing what this group of Networking pro’s come up with for their next charity organization and thank them for their efforts. If you are interested in learning more about theĀ  Tri City Networking group you can can discover more by contacting any of the business’s above.


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