Park Sign Becomes Labor Of Love For One Resident

Jules Bisson Park Sign, Somersworth, NH

Jules Bisson Park Sign, Somersworth, NHYou may have noticed that there is a new sign in town. This is especially true if you happen  to live in the vicinity of Jules Bisson Park. The sign is not really a new one it just looks that way thanks to some care and attention that was given to it by local resident Gerri Cannon.

Gerri who lives not far from where the original sign was located at the intersection of River Street and Indigo Hill Road, saw the need for the sign to be either rehabbed or replaced. She took it upon herself to do just that. She first asked the City and Public Works if they objected to a renovation and after receiving their full blessing she set about her task.

Restoration Is Time Consuming

What she didn’t realize at the time was that this would be a much more intense and time consuming project than she first envisaged. The sign had from my primlinary research stood in the same spot for the past 30 + years and was definitely showing signs of aging. The veneer was peeling off and the lettering was not as shiny as once it had been.

Jules Bisson Park Sign During restorationSo three moths ago Gerri set about rehabbing the sign. As a master carpenter this was something that she knew was within her skill set. She took the sign down to its original wood and then began the exhaustive task of reconstructing the sign to its original beauty when and as time permitted.

In order to bring the beauty back to it’s fullness Gerri used 9 different colors during the restoration. Only the ivory and green were sprayed on. All the rest was  hand painted.

Jules Bisson Sign During Restoration WorkSlowly over the coming months the sign would once again take shape.

Now restored to its former glory the sign was finally ready to be hung back in it’s original site. This took place on Tuesday August 4th which was just in time for National Night Out.

Fully Restored To Its Former Glory. 

Now the sign stands proud and fully restored in its original place. The space beneath has been officially adopted by Gerri and holds a small garden that Gerri will also bring back to its full glory in due course.

So today I leave you with a picture of the fully restored sign that now hangs in it’s original space. I hope that you will agree that this was an excellent example of community spirit. Seeing a need and fulfilling it is good for everyone in my opinion and I would like to thanks Gerri for all her hard work on this project and hope that you will too.

Jules Bisson Park Sign and local Resident Gerri Cannon

Picture Courtesy of Deb Cram. Used with permission and thanks.


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  1. Henri Bisson says:

    Oh my gosh! Our family is so pleased to see this has happened! Thank you so much, Gerri!

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