The Creators: New Space, New Series

Somecity Office

Let The Creators Create! 

As many of you know, I have been busy working on creating a space at 63 High Street that will not only be the home of SomersworthThenandNow.Com but also that of Somecity.

I am so grateful to have this space and be part of a creative process that not only highlights the great things that are happening here in Somersworth and surrounding areas  but also in the digital world as a whole.

Creative Partnerships

Bill Rogerts Hard at work in Somecity, Somersworth, NH editing the latest edition of The CreatorsI’ve teamed up with William (Bill) Rogers who many will know as the Media teacher at the Somersworth Career Technical Center. Together we have created a new concept called Somecity as we believe that serving our local community is important.

So often we have no idea what is right in our back door and we are determined to leave no stone unturned in our quest to bring you the best of what is going on the city.

Who Are We? 

Bill is a skilled and award winning videographer and I am a writer, (not award winning and still learning) but together and by combining our skill sets we have twice the power to do what we both do best. We create community digital media and bring our amazing community of creators, residents and businesses to the forefront of others minds.

With that in mind we have created a set of series devoted to those who also create within the community that we have aptly and not so creatively named: The Creators. 

Open House: Your Invited

Somecity and Somersworththenandnow located at 63 High Street, Somersworth, NH have together created the series: The CreatorsYou can find us on all kinds of media but thanks to the generosity of local investor, David Baker, you can also now find us at 63 High Street right here in down town Somersworth.

We now have our own space and will be holding an Open House on August 16th, from 5 – 7pm and would love to see you there.

We are continually working on bringing you more of what you love to see and would love to hear from you as well. If you know a creator that you think we should interview or visit please let us know!

So today we begin The Creators Series by looking at Somersworth’s newest eatery: Smoke and Cream.

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